October 27, 2022

Different Voices

Different Voices Journal For information about Journals, refer to the Keeping a Journal section in the Module 1 journal exercise.  Journal 2 In this exercise, keep a journal for several days and make notes about how people speak while you are out and about. Find five different voices and include the […]
October 27, 2022

Newton’s Laws E

 Newton’s Laws Experiment Report In this activity, you will be writing and submitting an experiment report on the assigned module experiment in Canvas. The Experiment Report must be submitted utilizing the following format, based on the results of the assigned module experiment. Physics Experiment Report Format Name: Do not expect credit if […]
October 20, 2022

The Study of Motion

The Study of Motion Real-World Physics Discussion Let’s Talk About It! In this course, we will engage in graded discussions that focus on “the real world” by applying the physics concepts we are learning to both everyday lives and to aviation. After completing the readings and concept-related activities in this […]
October 20, 2022

Stranger in a Strange Land

Writers are notorious for capturing all sorts of things in their journals: striking images, bits of dialogue, snatches of songs, smells that evoke memories, initial ideas, etc. Sometimes, though, writers also use their journals to explore concepts more thoroughly or play what-if games. During this course, you will keep a […]
October 20, 2022

Showing vs. telling

Details make a scene or character vivid and bring your readers into the story. Showing creates a sense of being there. Telling interprets a scene for the readers. In your initial discussion, play with showing vs. telling. Find a paragraph of descriptive writing and replace the details with generalizations. Post the […]
October 11, 2022

Implementation of a New Computer System

Case Study: Implementation of a New Computer System Assignment Overview This assignment is intended to demonstrate your comprehension of the main principles of health informatics, as well as the primary applications of health informatics in healthcare organizations. For this assignment, you will read a case study that presents difficulties associated […]
September 22, 2022

Company Advertisement Statistics

Let’s have some fun! Locate an advertisement in print media, social media, or the internet that uses statistical data. Carefully read the ad and then respond to the following in a paper. What is the ad trying to say? What statistical data are misrepresented or exaggerated? What are the undesirable […]
September 10, 2022

Cultural Humility and Diversity

After reading Fong, et. Al. (2016), and Wright (2019) describe what steps you will take to ensure that you are aware of your individual biases and how you will promote cultural humility and diversity in your behavioral analytic practice. Do behavior analysts have an obligation to engage in self-reflection regarding […]
September 4, 2022

Ethical Decision

Think of a time when you made a clinical/ethical decision with little-to-no time and you now regret the decision you made. What settings lead to the rushed decisions? What proactive strategies would you use to prepare for future decisions? Be sure to include any ethical codes or references that lead […]